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27 avril 2017

Summer sensations

Summer is coming and I am sóoooo much longing for it.....!!!

Please meet my new best juice-friend: YELLOW BLISS...
Pineapple, apple, ginger and a twist of lemon will make you feel like hanging in a hammock..., under a palm tree..., right above a white sanded beach...., after having snorkled all day....

Back to reality:
Jump on your bike and drive to the nearest JusRé sales point (https://www.jusre.be/nl/verkooppunten), we've worked hard to add many of them in the past months...

Once you've opened that bottle: smell it, taste it and you will fall in love!!

And for those that have waited sweet and patiently for the GREEN SUPREME to make its return. There he is: pimped with lovely leaves of basilicum: courgette/selery/apple/basilicum. You will feel cleansed, healthy and refreshed, mmmm.....

Lots of love,

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