Recept Gin Better Best

1/3 Gin (Copperhead is a good match)
Beet Better Best
some drops + a slice of lime
ice cubes

Start with with ice cubes, add the Gin and some drops of lime (for some acidity),  and fill the rest of the glass with Beet Better Best. Decorate with the slice of lime.

Recept Kickstart Bubble

a dash of #kickstart (+/- 20ml)
sparking (or still) water

Easy does it in this recipe. The #kickstart is already perfectly balanced in ginger, apple and lemon, so it’s the perfect mixer with sparkling and still water. Or just add some hot water if you wish to make a tea. Suuuuuuuper nice.

Recept Morning Clairette

1/3 Miracle Morning
2/3 sparkling wine Clairette de Die

The mimosa with a twist 🙂
Fill a champagne glass (flute or coupe) with the sweet sparkling wine Clairette (about 2/3) and dilute with Miracle Morning.
Decorating the glass is no must, but if you can’t contain yourself, a mint leave will do the trick.

Recept Rum Paradise

Lost Paradise
4cl brown rum
a dash of gingerbeer
ice cubes

Fill the glass with icecubes.
Add the brown rum and the dash of ginger beer.
Top of with Lost Paradise according to your flavour.
Presents itself nicely with a piece of pineapple on a wooden skewer

Recept We Can Dance 2019 Time Off

Time Off
4cl Saint Germain Elderflower
a slice of lime
crushed ice or ice cubes

Fill the glass with crushed ice or ice cubes.
Add the Saint Germain Elderflower & Time Off.
A slice of lime is your finishing touch.
Lychee also blends in perfectly, so feel free to add a dash of lychee juice.

Recept Gin Canon

Citron Canon
4cl gin
basil leaves
ice cubes

Fill the glass with ice cubes.
Add the gin & Citron Canon.
Finish off with some basil leaves.
A slice of lemon suits perfectly in this picture.


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