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To reward the loyal JusRé fans, we do not only have subscriptions for companies (55 pieces, delivery with courier on Wednesday or Saturday -> see page Corporate x JusRé ), we also have a proposition for direct customers.

We ask a purchase of 36 pieces (choose from the recipes of the season), delivery can be weeklybi-weeklytri-weekly or every month. We will contact you the week before delivery in order to determine the composition of the box and plan the shipping details.

Below you can find an overview of the formulas and discount percentages.

MADLY IN LOVE = 36 pieces every week -> 25% discount 

ENAMOURED = 36 pieces every 2 weeks -> 20% discount

FALLING = 36 pieces every 3 weeks -> 15% discount

CRUSH = 36 pieces every month -> 10% discount


We are human. No contract, trust comes from both sides. Easy re-sheduling if vacation periods occur and adaptable every month if speed is too low / too high.
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If you want to place an order immediately, mail your order and the invoicing data to order@jusre.be