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Going Liquid Box 36x

Going all the way? Of heb je een feestje in het vooruitzicht waar je JusRé wenst te serveren. 

Dan is onze GOING LIQUID BOX just perfect.

Je ontvangt:

3x #kickstart (shot gember citroen appel)
3x #magic (shot kurkuma ananassap citroen zwarte peper)
3x #relight (shot granaatappel appel acerola guarana)
3x Miracle Morning (sinaas)
3x Time Off (appel munt)
3x Beet Better Best (rode biet wortel granaatappel appel)
3x Oh My Chia (mango appel spinazie chia)
3x Heaven Loved BIO (sinaas mango) 
3x Lost Paradise BIO (ananas appel gember)
3x Golden Flow BIO (wortel sinaas appel gember)
3x Rocky Fit BIO (appel selder spinazie) 
3x Citron Canon (drink water citroen limoen appel agave)

A box full of love ♡♡♡

These are fresh products, depending on the season the taste of the recipe can differ a bit. Off course we do our best effort to maintain the predefined characteristics.
Since mid 2019, all our packaging (bottle & cap) is 100% rPet & bio based.

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