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Beet Better Best 250ML

Beetroot contains a range of health encouraging nutriments you cannot find anywhere else. To this deep red juice, we add apple to increase the acidity, together with the juice of a carrot. All of this while adding some sweet and fresh grenade to complete the experience, mmmmm...

Beet Better Best is a well-balanced juice. For those who want to try beetroot but are afraid of the earthy taste; the other ingredients have been well considered to assure a complete feeling! Once started, very little stick to their initial idea...

Beetroot is an incredible vegetable for those testing their physical boundaries from time to time. While drinking, the level of oxygen in the blood will be increased again and you’ll find back your strength.

Enjoy this delicious and complex juice!

These are fresh products, depending on the season the taste of the recipe can differ a bit. Off course we do our best effort to maintain the predefined characteristics.
Since mid 2019, all our packaging (bottle & cap) is 100% rPet & bio based.

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