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Corporate x JusRé

Want to join the juicy revolution?

Fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs are of major importance in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They increase fitness, energy levels and productivity of yourself and your employees! 

JusRé has the solution: cold pressed juices, the easy and healthy choice at work !!

The advantages:

100% tax deductible

handy resealable bottles of 250cl

no badly smelling fruit waste

no dirty hands or dishes

Subscription formulas

There are 3 subscription formulas, depending on the frequency, a discount percentage is applied. With a minimum of 55 references (juices / shots / drinks), recipes to be selected : 

HEALTHY RIDE = 55 pieces every week -> 25% discount 

HEALTY BLISS = 55 pieces every 2 weeks -> 20% discount

HEALTHY TRIP = 55 pieces every 3 weeks -> 15% discount

HEALTHY VIBE = 55 pieces every month -> 10% discount

Still doubting? Do you want to test first?
We have the corporate formula "START TO JUSRE".

This is a one-time trial box with 55 juices to which a discount percentage of 25% is applied. Entirely without obligation, we provide you with a mix of the current range so you get to know JusRé.


Corporate Events

It is omnipresent, the trend towards healthy continues.

Everybody is more and more aware of what they consume. Alcohol-free and healthy drinks have therefore become a must at the corporate event you are organizing. 

A positive profiling, in which health, vitality and purity are at the forefront, undoubtedly scores regardless of age, gender, professional or demographic background.  

More info on our page Events x JusRé.

Can JusRé be interesting for your business ? Leave your contact details here and we’ll inform you more in detail and arrange samples to test JusRé!

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If you want to place an order immediately, mail your order and the invoicing data to order@jusre.be