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About JusRé

Cold pressed juices

JusRé is a range of cold pressed juices. The nutrients in cold pressed juices are very easily absorbed by the body, which is a huge health benefit. In fact, they are little power shots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

JusRé cold pressed juices

The ‘cold pressing’ process literally squeezes all ingredients out of the fruits and vegetables, separating the nutritious juice from the fruit pulp. Oxidation is very limited, leaving all live substances and nutrients intact. Cold pressing also doesn’t generate any heat, leaving all of those yummy essential, vital elements intact. 

In order to prolong the shelf life to up to approximately 21 days, we use high pressure to stop the fermentation. Once bottled, the juices are placed in a cold water bath for a couple of minutes, during which the water pressure is raised to high levels. This leaves the structure of the ingredients untouched, so the body can absorb the nutrients optimally. 

The JusRé promise

  • No added sugars, flavour enhancers or preservatives
  • 100% nutritional value
  • Natural taste and colour remain unchanged 

Enjoy the ultra healthy and totally delicious JusRé juices! 

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