Cold Pressed WITH LOVE

JusRé, those are cold pressed Shots, Juices, Drinks & Soups of which a few
are BIO-certified. The JusRé juices are packed with vitamins and contain no
artificial flavours nor added sugars. Fresh Purity it is.

The biggest advantage of cold pressed juices is they are easily absorbed by the body. It is literally an instant shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The process of ‘cold pressing’ exists in the squeezing of the ingredients which separates the nutritious juice from the pulp. In this technique only very little oxidation is in contact which allows the living substances and nutrients to keep their optimal quality. Moreover, no heat is released during pressing (hence the ‘cold’ pressing), by consequence all the vital elements are retained.   

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Fancy a cold pressed shot full of vitamins to get through the day? Or craving for a healthy snack? While our juices guarantee maximum nutritional value; the shots will give you an instant boost, and best of all, always based on a superfood! The drinks are water based, low in calories and super refreshing, very popular during summer and for sporty ones. The soups complete our cold pressed range, drink them pure or pimp them as a lunch with cut veggies and herbs, cheese, seeds, etc. The possibilities are endless! 


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